Rigby Food Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance Testing

30 minutes. Clean up: none


The importance of digestive health to total body healing is monumental! Removing foods that are triggering inflammation or immune responses is a big part of reducing unwanted symptoms.


There are a lot of ways to test out there. I choose to use KBMO for several reasons. - Rigby Food Intolerance TestingThey don't just test foods, they include some popular additives such as coloring and MSG. - Their test not only screens for the IgG (Immunoglobulin G) reaction, but also a protein compliment, which increases both sensitivity and accuracy. - KBMO offers a Zonulin test. Zonulin is a substance that indicates intestinal permeability. Retesting this allows you to see the improvements that come with your efforts. - Their website includes a patient portal with online support. - Mobile app and meal planning included. (With full FIT Test).


*The price listed for Rigby Food Intolerance Testing is for the full FIT test only. 132 items, which includes reactions to 9 food additives and 3 yeast microbes. It is available in either finger stick or blood draw. The blood draw kit requires you visit a local lab and cover their draw fee. Please contact me to order the tests available below.


FIT 22- The 22 most common sensitivities $185. (Only available in finger stick).

Full FIT Test - Over 120 foods plus food additives. $305. (Available in blood draw or finger stick).

Zonulin- (Intestinal binding protein) $180 alone. $435 with full FIT Test.

All tests include a 30 minute consultation to go over test results.