Rigby MediCupping Massage


MediCupping Massage is an ancient modality, originally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Medicupping Rigby IDMediCupping has many proven positive results and has made its way into western culture today. MediCupping is given with the use of a cup-like device on a hand held pump, the massage therapist is able to apply and adjust the pressure according to each individual need. MediCupping creates a suction on the skin and layers of connective tissue to pull inflammation or toxins that are held deep within the joint or muscle tissue. The area is then Rigby MediCupping Massagemassaged in the direction of lymphatic flow, to remove stagnation within the muscle or joint and allow fresh oxygenated blood to heal the area. This treatment is used for a variety of ailments. Including bronchial issues, sinusitis, poor digestion & fat storage, fluid retention, sports injuries, arthritis, pain, and assists in prevention of auto-immune issues.

MediCupping Therapy can be very relaxing, while producing significant results.  MediCupping can be applied with varying amounts of pressure from very light (lymphatic) to very deep. Please note that Medium to Deep pressure may create discoloration of the skin. There is a consent form that you will be asked to sign. Please provide feedback before and during your treatment on your level of comfort.  You will notice results immediately and for days to come. MediCupping can be applied along with any other massage.