Rigby Sports Massage

The Sports Massage is very popular with and beneficial to athletes and those who live a particularly active lifestyle. These folks place constant strain on their muscles and are frequently injured. During a Sports Massage, a specific area of concern is concentrated on, such as the knee or shoulder. Sports Massages:

*Calm the nervous system
*Promote a sense of well-being
*Improve blood circulation
*Stimulate the body’s lymphatic system

The Benefits of a Sports Massage

Whether you just ran a marathon, hit a big home run for your baseball team or need to recuperate after a long workout at the gym, a sports massage is the best way to relax and relieve any sports-related muscle soreness.

Rigby Sports MassageWhen to Visit Massage By Amber

Delayed muscle soreness usually sets in between 12 and 24 hours after excessive physical assertion. Visiting a massage therapist before the soreness sets in is crucial to avoid long term physical complications.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is what occurs when an individual does avoids proper treatment after an intense physical workout. A post-event Rigby massage can help you avoid these issues if you get the massage within 12 hours after your workout or sporting event. Neurotransmitters called endorphins are released by the brain and help to ease most of the pain when receiving a sports massage.

Onset muscle soreness is also prevented when the athlete receives a Rigby massage because the massage helps to increase blood flow throughout the body and decrease muscle fatigue, allowing you to spend more time preparing for your next workout or event.

The Benefits of a Pre-Event Massage

When an athlete needs to prepare for a sporting event, a pre-event massage is a great way to loosen up and increase blood flow. Stretching is a common routine for every athlete and a massage should be seriously considered to complement any pre-event routines.

Massage by Amber has created a number of specially designed massages for individuals preparing for the big day. With all the stress that builds up before a big game, sports players will definitely benefit from a stress-relieving massage in Rigby.

Area-Concentrated Massages

Whether you need a post-event massage in Rigby or just want to stop by Massage by Amber after a difficult workout, having the massage therapist concentrate on a specific area can be extremely beneficial. Most sports require extreme physical exertion that’s concentrated on a particular part of the body, whether it be triceps, biceps, a throwing arm or elbow, you’ll always have one part of your body that is sore for a longer period of time.

A thorough area concentrated massage on a regular basis can help alleviate this type of long term pain. Regardless of how far off your next event is or how often you go to the gym, make sure to get a sports massage on a regular basis.

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