Rigby Deep Tissue Massage

This is the most popular massage, due to its intense healing and pain relieving abilities. Deep Tissue Massage works out the knots by using a deeper pressure for the relief of chronic tension.  Some people who’ve heard of deep tissue massage may be wary of it. They believe, among other things, that it’s painful. It may be true that this type of massage might be a bit challenging for people whose bodies and muscles are used to being tense, but later those same people will swear by its ability to relieve chronic tension they were hardly aware of. Massage by Amber now offers this Rigby Deep Tissue Massage.

Rigby Deep Tissue MassageThe benefits of such deep massage are many, and it’s been found to be efficacious in easing lower back pain, sports injuries, chronic pain and muscle tension.

Deep tissue massage uses a lot of the same techniques as traditional massage. These include variations on stroking, compression and percussion, and the therapist will often use a sort of oil or other lubricant to perform these actions. With a Deep Tissue Massage in Rigby, the procedures are designed to reach the deeper layers of the client’s connective tissues and muscles. This means that the movements of the therapist are slower and deeper in order to relieve chronic tension and areas of long-standing pain. The therapist may also use glass or ceramic implements. She will also tend to go across the grain of the muscles as opposed to with the grain.

Deep Tissue Massage Rigby IdahoOne of the purposes of the Deep Tissue Massage is to loosen adhesions in the muscles that can lead to pain, inflammation, poor circulation and other maladies. Adhesions are types of scar tissue that form hard bands between otherwise healthy tissue, including muscle tissue. Breaking down adhesions also helps the body clear toxins from the cells. This allows proper circulation and oxygenation to resume. To break down this scar tissue might be uncomfortable or painful for some clients, but the pain should not be more than the client can tolerate. Also, the client needs to make sure that he or she is properly hydrated both before and after the massage session.

After the massage, most clients will feel a bit stiff and sore as if they’d had a hard workout. As with a hard workout, the discomfort should ago away after a couple of days. It may be helpful to apply cold compresses to the areas of soreness or take an Epsom salt bath after the session. The bath is not only soothing but will help leach the toxins from the body.

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