Rigby Supplement Testing

Supplement Testing

30 minutes.   $30.   Clean up: 15 minutes.


Trying to decide which supplements your body needs can be a confusing and time consuming ordeal. Using a process called Lingual-Neural Testing (LNT) Rigby Supplement Testingwe palpate reflexes corresponding to specific organs to get a baseline sensitivity rating, 0-10. A nutrient is then placed on the tongue, we wait 15 seconds and re-check the reflexes. The body knows what it needs to heal. It will detect the ingredients, relay that information to the nervous system through The Vagus Nerve and express the benefit to the body's reflex points. An optimal result is when the sensitivity rating is cut in half.


Please bring in any supplements you are currently taking. We will test the reflexes of whichever system is meant to benefit from your supplements. If no successes are achieved with your current products, we may use any remaining time to test items from the professional product line I use, Biotics Research. Have questions about our Rigby Supplement Testing? Give us a call.