Rigby Full Client Intake

Full Client Intake

2 hours.   $120.   Clean up: 20 minutes.

We review your comprehensive health history and go over any concerns or current symptoms you may have. Rigby Full Client IntakeWe address the areas of diet and lifestyle, changes you are ready to make and the best ways to make those changes sustainable. It all comes together into personalized health pattern to help you reach your goals.

This includes: - Initial Interview - Food/Mood Journal. - Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. - Symptom Burden Analysis Graph. - Functional Evaluation (Physical checking of reflexes associated with organs and body systems to give us more information about body burden and check in with your body to see what supplements work best for YOU)! - Dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. - Email and Phone Support.

(Check ins are included. Further consultations and/or follow up appointments require an additional fee).

*Health forms are collected electronically prior to appointment. Please return a minimum of 48 hours prior to appointment to allow time for review and research. The more time you give, the better appointment you will receive. Give us a call for any questions.