Relaxing Massage

Massage by AmberReceiving a massage has many health benefits for those who are stressed, experiencing anxiety or tension. A Rigby massage can help anyone relax and enjoy a reduction in achy and tense muscles. Different types and methods of massage in Rigby can produce beneficial effects on well-being.

Massages for Tension Reduction
Neck Tension Massage RigbyA neck tension massage is a fantastic way to reduce tightness, aches, and pains in the upper body, shoulders and neck. The Rigby massage therapists at Massage by Amber offer this type of massage using the deep tissue technique and the trigger point technique. For deep tissue massage, the therapist uses slower and more forceful strokes to loosen tight connective tissue fibers. Trigger point neck tension massage focuses on specific points in the neck where muscle fibers are tense.

Massage for Stress Relief
foot-massage-rigbyA foot massage is an excellent way to reduce stress. Day in and day out, the feet take on the stress of carrying the body. Running, jumping, climbing stairs, exercising, ill-fitting shoes, and foot problems all take a toll on the feet. Foot massage techniques include a combination of deep tissue with long strokes along the length of the foot followed by trigger point massage, the knuckling technique and gentle stretching maneuvers of the toes. The stress relief is enhanced when the therapist uses a massage oil or lotion to help relax the foot.

Massage for Relaxation
Massage RigbyMassage for relaxation can include a whole body massage or a focus on a specific area, such as the hands, feet, or back. Many people find hand massage to be especially relaxing. This technique is also an option for those who aren’t able to enjoy a full-body massage. Massaging the hands supports lymph drainage, increases blood flow, boosts circulation and also stimulates the nerve fibers in the fingers and wrists. People who spend many hours each day using computers, writing or working with their hands may find hand massage particularly helpful. In addition to hand massage, full-body massage is an ideal way to relax all the aching and tired muscles in the body. Swedish massage and other techniques are options for full body massage in Rigby.

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