Massage by AmberMassages are becoming more and more popular in the United States today. This is due to the many health benefits and pain relief attributes now being associated with it. It has even been reported that massage treatments offer more relief than most Massage Therapy Rigbyphysical therapy, pain medications, exercise, and chiropractors. Let’s discuss the many different types of massages and their specific benefits.

*Deep Tissue Massage
The Deep Tissue Massage is one of the most popular massages, due to its intense healing and pain relieving abilities. It is intended to loosen the muscles and alleviate pain for those suffering from:

*Chronic Pain
*Post Surgical Discomfort
*Sports Injuries
*Back and Neck Strain
*Muscle tension

You should expect to experience long, deep, and intense strokes causing frictio, while purposefully working against the grain of the muscle. Your therapist will use her hands, fingers, and even forearms to target specific areas of concern, and to reach the deepest layers of the muscle.

It is common to feel a bit sore during and after a deep tissue massage, not unlike you might feel following a good workout. You will feel back to normal in a day or two, however, and you will benefit from the long term effects. If it becomes too painful at any time during your massage, make sure to let your masseuse know right away. She will adjust the pressure to what is comfortable for you. Everyone has different thresholds and tolerance levels.

*Relaxing massage

The Relaxing Massage, which other Rigby Massage salons also refer to as The Swedish Massage, does just what the name says. It is meant to relax you. Slower, gentler strokes are used here, much lighter than other types. Other elements may also be involved to calm the tension in the body. By catering to all five senses, the therapist can totally relax your mind, body and spirit. You might notice:

*Soft, calming music
*Scented candles
*Darkened Room/lights out or dimmed
*Burning incense

These are all used for the purpose of relaxation and the release of tension from the body. This is a great massage for those who carry stress in the back or neck areas. Other health benefits of The Relaxation Massage include, but certainly are not limited to:

*Stress relief
*Reduced anxiety
*Improved mind clarity
*Lowered blood pressure

*Warm Hydra Stone Massage
The Warm Hydra Stone Massage is a great option for those that are very sensitive to touch and prefer a lighter massage. Warm stones are placed on the back on areas of concern. Some massage therapists m place light pressure on the stones to distribute the heat to all the The heat of the stones sooth the area and loosen the muscles, without added or unnecessary pressure.

*Sports Massage
The Sports Massage is very popular with and beneficial to athletes and those who live a particularly active lifestyle. These folks place constant strain on their muscles and are frequently injured. During a Sports Massage, a specific area of concern is concentrated on, such as the knee or shoulder.

*Calms the nervous system
*Promotes a sense of well-being
*Improves blood circulation
*Stimulates the body’s lymphatic system

The Best Rigby Massages
For all of these incredible services and the best massages in Rigby, visit Massage By Amber, located on Main Street in Rigby, ID, next to The Caramel Tree. Amber will determine and cater to all of your individual massage needs. You will not find a better massage in Rigby.